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Asiana Home Decor is a provider of beautifully handcrafted products (carved wood wall decor, wood wall art, wooden wall panels, home accents, wooden salad bowls, decorative candles) from South East Asia. Our focus is to offer high-quality home decorations to retail customers, wholesale companies and retail shops throughout North America. We offer our customers a convenient online ordering process, with direct delivery at competitive prices. Also please note that we take great pride in knowing that we are providing the incredible Thai craftspeople of our products an opportunity to provide their families with a more desirable lifestyle and we also hope to demonstrate the fine artistry of their work.

South East Asia is well known for beautiful handcrafted products that are distinctive and will provide great character to your home or office. In addition, these hidden treasures are truly unique and a rarity through regular channels of distribution.

Our company was launched here in the U.S. in 2015. Wanting to decorate our home with handmade wall art of Asian design, we found very little available locally that would satisfy our desires.   
When travelling through Asia, we discovered several beautifully handcrafted products. The local artisans began by sketching a design on teak wood plaques and transforming them into truly magnificent masterpieces. Our passion for these beautifully handcrafted products motivated us to want to share this appreciation of South East Asian artistry with others. Asiana Home Decor was launched!

We are looking forward to providing you with our selection of South East Asia’s finest gems.